Sharla CovertStance Heat Haze is one of Dunban's auras in Xenoblade Chronicles. When activated, all aggro is lost, and all attacks are guaranteed to become critical hits while the Aura remains active.


Level Learnt Attribute Range Effect
36 Ether Self Completely removes aggro
No aggro gained from attacks and healing when aura is active
Critical Hit Rate ▲ (100%)

Arts Level AP Cost Cooldown
Effect Duration
1 - 90.0 20.0
2 360 87.3 22.2
3 720 84.6 24.4
4 1440 81.9 26.6
5 2880 79.2 28.8
6 4320 76.5 31.0
7 6480 73.8 33.2
8 9360 71.1 35.4
9 12,960 68.4 37.6
10 17,280 65.7 39.8

Miscellaneous Info

  • The critical hits are useful for building the Party Gauge. Each critical hit adds 10% to the Party Gauge.
  • When combined with Soaring Tempest and there are several enemies on the battlefield, the Party Gauge will increase dramatically. If the combo is executed correctly, Dunban can force multiple Chain Attacks in a short period of time.
  • This art does not remove volatile aggro (generated when activating arts)

Art book sources


Intermediate art books are only available from shops.
The Heat Haze intermediate art books cost 12,600 G.


Advanced art books are only available from enemy drops.

Unique Monsters

Enemy Area Rate
Bizarre RagoelEryth Sea8.8 %

Other enemies

Enemy Area Rate
Sloth GogolBionis' Leg9.4 %
M56/UNIONAgniratha3.6 %
Sanjibal BehemothPrison Island3.6 %

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