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IconNamePhysical DefEther DefWeightSlots/Gems
Armour 6
Grady Chest1223640
Armour 6
Heavy Armour1509240
Armour 6
Ledios Plate 2209551
Armour 6
Warrior Plate 591430
Armour 6 Unique
Titan Plate 2301554Damage Heal V 100
Armour 7
Gracielle Chest 19011250 - 1
Armour 7
Guardis Chest1151630
Armour 7
M100 Plate18813651
Armour 7
Taurus Plate17812240
Armour 7 Unique
Eclipse Armour2001004Damage Heal VI 150
Armour 7 Unique
Empress Plate95224Spike II 60
Armour 8
Orion Top1659840
Armour 8
Rex Chest18016441
Armour 8 Unique
Asura Plate 2151254Spike V 200

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