Heavy Wear is a type of Armor in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This class of armor has much higher defenses than Medium Wear, but comes at a much greater penalty to Gravity Resistance and has limited upgrades.

Heavy Wear names

AM Head Torso Arms L/R Legs
Sakuraba Industries Headwear Armor Armwear Legwear
Grenada Galactic Group Tuesta Ryg Brax Traves
Candid & Credible Armet Bulwark Wrest Stabilizers
Meredith & Co. Cassida Arma Manus Crura
Orphean Technologies Zyi Zyua Zyua Zyum
Six Stars Helm Heavy tier Plate Vambrace Heavy tier Greaves

Heavy Wear Drops by Enemy

AM Enemy
Sakuraba Industries Adsecula※, Germivore※, Sylooth, Vesper
Grenada Galactic Group Suid (female), Vigent
Candid & Credible Filiavent, Jacul, Liceor
Meredith & Co. Balaena, Ceto, Mortifole, Simius
Orphean Technologies Adsecula, Colubrim, Millepod
Six Stars Germivore, Gularth

※ Only dropped by enemies under level 26

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