The High Entia Tomb (ハイエンター墓所, Haientā Bosho, lit. High Entia Graveyard) is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles. Melia comes here to prove that she is a worthy successor to the emperor. It is accessed from Eryth Sea, but only after progressing to a point in the story.


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The interior of the tomb

The tomb is where the remains of the emperors of the High Entia reside. It houses a system that provides a test to prove the worthiness of a potential successor, but at the time of the game it had not been used for a long time because of the test's dangers. The tomb also houses a secret laboratory which experiments with Telethia, and a couple of treasuries.

Shulk has a vision that shows Melia being killed by Tyrea and the Solidum Telethia during her trial. They decide to come to her aid, with the help of Alvis. At the entrance of the tomb, Reyn unwittingly triggers a security device that drops the party further away from Melia. At that time, Melia learns of a program housing one of her ancestors' memories. The program indicates the percentage of Homs genetic integration present in Melia, and acknowledges Melia as his successor. At this moment, Tyrea attacks Melia. However, Shulk and the rest come to Melia's aid before she is killed.

There are a number of secret passages, some of which can only be later accessed in the game, with the aid of the High Entia Emblem. In order to reach the Second Treasury, an area necessary to finish a quest, there is a secret passage in the north side of the corridor between Valley of Emperors and Tower of Trials.

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Map of the High Entia Tomb


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