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Ice Monkey
Dwells in rock crevices in cold lands. Its skin is smooth like ice.
Vital statistics
Type Animal
Source Valak Mountain
Sell Price 1,254 G

Ice Monkeys are collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found on Valak Mountain.


Valak Mountain - the following locations have the highest spawn rate (16%) for Ice Monkey:

The following locations spawn only at night time (16%):

  • the elevated hill southwest of Mechonis Wound; follow the narrow passage that leads to a dead-end
  • north of Hollow Bone; follow the sloping uphill that leads to a dead-end
  • near the front area of the cave that leads to the Chilkin Lair; near the edge of the map
  • west of Ignia Hill; near a passage sloping upwards
  • north of La Luz Church; the right side at the bottom level that leads to a passage sloping upwards


Giving this collectable as a present from one player character to another will raise or lower the affinity between them as indicated by the following table:

Recipient Shulk Fiora Dunban Reyn Sharla Riki Melia
Affinity 4

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