Impatience is Reyn's fourth Skill Tree in Xenoblade Chronicles.  It is unlocked by completing the quest Cook-Off Showdown!. Prioritizing Impatience increases Reyn's counter-attack rate by up to 20% (2% if no skills are learnt).

All of the skills in this tree are Yellow, meaning they are only active when a character possessing or linking to them is in the current Battle Party. Further, all of the skills in this tree except for Melee Champion are only active on a single character, meaning that other characters must link to them in order to gain their benefits.

Skill List

Name Shape Linkable Cost Description Skill Tree Effect Value
Ultimate Taunt Diamond No N/A Boosts Mad Taunt's effects by 20% if targeted enemy is not targeting Reyn 5%
Melee Champion Hexagon Yes 12 Grants Haste (15% for 30 seconds) to the party when an enemy is defeated 10%
Rampage Star Yes 20 Increases chance of a Double Attack by 10% 12%
Speed Strike Square Yes 43 Grants Haste buff (15% for 10 seconds) when an attack misses 15%
Channelled Pain Star Yes 45 Fills Talent Gauge by 5% when damage is taken 20%