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"To make good on the promise you made when you invited Rosemary to Colony 6, find her a suitor."
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Rosemary Reyn Colony 6 (Main Entrance) 18:00 - 06:00
Prerequisites: Miqol met in the Hidden Machina Village, Rosemary invited to Colony 6, 1.5
  1. "Find a timid Homs man." (Nic)
  2. "Find a rough-and-ready Homs man." (Peppino)
  3. "Find a composed High Entia." (Yura)
  4. "Find a Nopon food connoisseur." (Pokapoka)
  5. "Return to Rosemary."
Results: "Rosemary was satisfied with two of the suitors you picked - Nic and Yura."

In Pursuit of Love is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Rosemary near the shop by the Main Entrance, up a staircase, in Colony 6. If Reyn is in the active party, he will comment. After completing this quest, The Melody of Happiness or Dream of a Poet will be triggered.

The prerequisites of this quest are the Colony 6 affinity that is at ☆1.5, and that Rosemary must be in Colony 6, and it can be accepted as soon as the player finds her there; however, the quest cannot be completed until Nic, Peppino, Yura, and Pokapoka have all been invited to Colony 6, and doing so requires a Housing Level of 5.


RosemaryAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barYura
Rosemary Kinda Likes Yura
RosemaryAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barNic
Rosemary Kinda Likes Nic

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