For the Titan, see Indol.

The Indoline Praetorium (Japanese: アーケディア法王庁, Ākedia Hōōchō, lit. Acēdia Holy See/Episcopal Government) is a Nation in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. It is the theocratic government of the Titan Indol. Its people worship the Titans. This organization has influence on military, it controls the procurement and supply of Core Crystals, of which Blades are born, and keeps every Blade in Alrest officially tracked and controlled.

The Praetorium on Indol is a traditional religious state with a beautiful cityscape. The Praetor is also the ruler of the people on the Titan. Indol is home to many refugees from various dying Titans and wars. One provision of the Osirian Treaty, signed 350 years ago, was that the Praetorium was not to intervene in acts of war.

As the party climbs the World Tree, Indol surfaces from the Cloud Sea to engage in battle with the Tornans. At this point, Indol becomes a hostile power to the party, and they can no longer travel or complete quests there; in addition, its development points and mercenary missions are transferred to the Leftherian Archipelago.

Landmarks and Locations

Goetuis Port



Indoline Sanctum






Both the Japanese and English names allude to one of the seven deadly sins, sloth, the former using the Latin word and the latter from indolence.


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