The Inferno Skell

Inferno is a Medium Type Skell unit in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Inferno is one of the Skells developed and manufactured by BLADE in New Los Angeles. It is the main model for general mass production. The Inferno vehicle is a sort of futuristic armed van.


Inferno is a custom Medium Frame based Skell model. This is the main model chosen for large-scale production & deployment. It has a high durability and balanced attack performance, but has less evasion as a trade-off.

Inferno vehicle

The Inferno Vehicle

The level 30 Inferno frame costs 345,000 Credits and the level 50 frame costs 2,764,000 Credits.

Its standard equipment is the shoulder-mounted "B-Gatling", specially developed alongside this model.


Inferno is equipped with the HIBANA Overdrive, which grants the following effects:

  • Zero fuel usage
  • Appendage heal
  • Ranged damage up
  • Thermal reflect


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