Ingredients For A Brew is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Kofuko near the armour shop at the Central Plaza in Frontier Village, after accepting Sweet Seduction.



A route - Bitter Kiwis: "Bitter Kiwis! Kofuko add to drink and make it nice and sweet."

B route - Walnut Grapes: "Friends, Walnut Grapes! Its bitterness will dull sickly sweetness. Kofuko will mix new drink now! Please tell Migaga for me. Now Kofuko will perfect its drink!"


  • The first objective is completed and the route is determined as soon as the party has 4 Walnut Grapes or 2 Bitter Kiwis. This can happen when the quest is accepted if the party already has the ingredients.
  • Walnut Grapes are much more common than Bitter Kiwis, so there is a high chance of being locked into the B Route. This can be avoided by selling, trading, gifting, or discarding the Walnut Grapes before accepting the quest.
  • After completing this quest, it is necessary to talk to Migaga to complete her quest Sweet Seduction.