Red antol

The Red Antol is an Insect Enemy

Insect Enemies are insect-like enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles. Some, such as such as Skeeters, are also classified as Flying Enemies.

Name Level Family Location
Aura Antol 53 Antol Fallen Arm
Barbaric Sitri [U] 47 Antol Valak Mountain (Antol Den)
Basin Antol 16 Antol Bionis' Leg (Daksha Shrine)
Clifftop Bayern [U] 32 Antol Bionis' Leg (Daksha Shrine)
Clinger Antol 35 - 38 Antol Colony 9
Ent Antol 39 - 41 Antol Valak Mountain (Chilkin Lair)
Entma King 45 - 47 Antol Valak Mountain (Chilkin Lair)
Flamme Antol 22 Antol Colony 6
Leg Antol 13 Antol Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave, Daksha Shrine)
Lubum Antol 24 Antol Colony 6
Makna Antol 40 - 43 Antol Makna Forest
Prairie Antol 16 Antol Bionis' Leg
Powerful Eligos [U] 80 Antol Fallen Arm (Digit 1)
Ravine Antol 18 Antol Bionis' Leg
Red Antol 17 Antol Colony 6 (Splintered Path)
Ridge Antol 4 - 5 Antol Colony 9 (Outlook Park)
Rius Antol 52 Antol Fallen Arm
Roguish Frengel [U] 39 Antol Colony 9 (Cliff Lake)
Yellow Antol 17 Antol Colony 6 (Splintered Path, Watchpoint Junction)
Corladio Apis 42 Apis Valak Mountain (Apis Lair)
Crista Apis 42 Apis Valak Mountain (Apis Lair)
Hasal Apis 30 Apis Makna Forest
Klanis Apis 28 Apis Makna Forest
Latio Apis 41 Apis Valak Mountain (Apis Lair)
Marmor Apis 40 Apis Makna Forest
Petra Apis 27 Apis Makna Forest ([Bridge Three])
Admiral Arachno 73 Arachno Bionis' Leg
Arachno Queen [B] 12 Arachno Tephra Cave (Arachno Queen's Nest)
Captain Arachno [S] 9 Arachno Tephra Cave
Daughter Empress [Q] 30 Arachno Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave)
Dazzling Tolosnia [U] 97 Arachno Tephra Cave (Heavenly Window)
Deified Queen [Q] 32 Arachno Satorl Marsh (Exile Fortress)
Devoted Arachno [Q] 9 Arachno Tephra Cave (Vilia Lake)
Director Arachno [S] 9 - 10 Arachno Tephra Cave (Arachno Queen's Nest)
Eternal Palsadia [U] 91 Arachno Satorl Marsh (Exile Fortress)
Firework Geldesia [U] 98 Arachno Tephra Cave (Arachno Queen's Nest)
General Arachno 75 Arachno Bionis' Leg
Greedy Arachno [Q] 9 Arachno Tephra Cave (Vilia Lake)
Jada Arachno 87 - 90 Arachno Tephra Cave
Jadals Arachno 89 - 92 Arachno Tephra Cave
Leg Arachno 17 Arachno Bionis' Leg (Kisk Cave)
Mysterious Barnaby [U] 75 Arachno Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave)
Mythical Empress [Q] 35 Arachno Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave)
Officer Arachno 11 Arachno Tephra Cave
Panasowa Arachno 92 Arachno Tephra Cave
Plump Sprahda [U] 92 Arachno Tephra Cave (Bafalgar Tomb)
Resolute Arachno [Q] 10 Arachno Tephra Cave (Vilia Lake)
Soldier Arachno [S] 7 Arachno Tephra Cave (Arachno Queen's Nest)
Vilae Arachno 93 - 96 Arachno Tephra Cave (Heavenly Window)
Worker Arachno [S] 7 - 8 Arachno Tephra Cave
Zealous Arachno [Q] 11 Arachno Tephra Cave (Vilia Lake)
Cellar Bugworm [U] 10 Caterpile Tephra Cave (Caterpile Nest)
Common Caterpile 1 - 2 Caterpile Colony 9
Common Caterpile [S] 1 Caterpile Colony 9 (Mechon Wreckage Site)
Cute Caterpile 4 Caterpile Tephra Cave (Caterpile Nest)
Eater Caterpile 6 Caterpile Tephra Cave (Caterpile Nest)
Praying Caterpile 3 - 4 Caterpile Colony 9 (Anti-Air Battery 1)
Royal Caterpile 74 Caterpile Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave)
Satorl Caterpile 25 - 27 Caterpile Satorl Marsh (Place of Judgement, Exile Fortress)
Verdant Bluchal [U] 5 Caterpile Colony 9 (Anti-Air Battery 1)
Lazy Bluco [U] 34 Eluca Makna Forest (Yellow Flower Grove)
Makna Eluca 28 Eluca Makna Forest (Yellow Flower Grove, Agni Tablet)
Perna Eluca 32 - 33 Eluca Eryth Sea (Latael Shore)
Atmos Flier 25 Flier Colony 6
Clima Flier 17 Flier Colony 6
Clowd Flier 14 Flier Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave, Viliera Hill)
Colony Flier 16 Flier Colony 6
Fine Flier 12 Flier Bionis' Leg (Gaur Plain)
Happiness Flier 52 Flier Fallen Arm (Giant Mechon Debris)
Weather Flier 10 Flier Tephra Cave (Kneecap Hill)
Arachno Pod [S] 7 - 10 Pod Tephra Cave
Bonterra Pod 42 Pod Valak Mountain
Daksha Pod 11 Pod Bionis' Leg
Hanz Pod 90 Pod Tephra Cave
Pandora Pod 74 Pod Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave)
Teterra Pod 40 Pod Valak Mountain (Chilkin Lair)
Cave Skeeter 10 Skeeter Tephra Cave (Vilia Lake)
Chordy Skeeter 34 Skeeter Colony 9 (Agora Shore)
Leg Skeeter 10 Skeeter Bionis' Leg (Gaur Plain)
Light Skeeter 7 Skeeter Colony 9 (Anti-Air Battery 1)
Little Skeeter 1 - 3 Skeeter Colony 9
Medium Skeeter 8 Skeeter Tephra Cave
Prom Skeeter 5 Skeeter Tephra Cave
Bright Wisp [Q] 53 Wisp Fallen Arm (Digit 3)
Bunker Wisp 26 Wisp Colony 6 (Pod Depot, Hope Farm)
Colony Wisp 18 Wisp Colony 6
Dim Wisp [Q] 24 Wisp Tephra Cave (Kneecap Hill)
Femuny Wisp 90 Wisp Tephra Cave (Forgotten Cave)
Flash Wisp 14 Wisp Bionis' Leg
Light Wisp 13 Wisp Bionis' Leg (Gaur Plain)
Night Cardamon [U] 18 Wisp Bionis' Leg
Night Wisp 10 - 12 - 15 Wisp Tephra Cave (Kneecap Hill)
Tramont Wisp 53 - 55 Wisp Fallen Arm

[B] = Boss
[U] = Unique Monster
[Q] = Quest Exclusive Enemy
[S] = Story Exclusive Enemy

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