Iron Leggings are medium legs armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are made with iron from Satorl Marsh. They can be obtained as a quest reward after completing Satata's Younger Brother.


Quest rewards

No slots


No slots

Enemy drops

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Clifftop BayernBionis' Leg12 %
Dark MurakmorColony 910 %
Cautious BalteidSatorl Marsh8.4 %
Deluded IgnaSatorl Marsh8.4 %
Aqua NebulaSatorl Marsh6.3 %
Fighter IgnaSatorl Marsh6.3 %
Shield IgnaSatorl Marsh6.3 %
Reckless GodwinSatorl Marsh5.9 %
Tumultuous FelixSatorl Marsh5.9 %
Dogmatic GogolSatorl Marsh5 %
Wind NebulaSatorl Marsh4.8 %
Barbaro IgnaSatorl Marsh4.5 %
Duel IgnaSatorl Marsh4.5 %
Guard IgnaSatorl Marsh4.5 %
Acid UpaSatorl Marsh3.9 %
Mad UpaSatorl Marsh3.9 %
Deified QueenSatorl Marsh2.8 %

No slots

Enemy Area Rate
Sunlight SchvaikSatorl Marsh11.6 %
Mist RhogulSatorl Marsh8.7 %
Aggressive CorneliusSatorl Marsh7.6 %
Ether IgnaSatorl Marsh5.7 %
Mistol IgnaSatorl Marsh5.7 %
Mechon M64XEther Mine4.8 %
Mechon M67Ether Mine4.8 %
Acid UpaSatorl Marsh4.6 %
Mad UpaSatorl Marsh4.6 %
M32 Transport UnitEther Mine4.3 %
Mechon M32XEther Mine4.3 %


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