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Mia Affinity
You bumped into Mia in Sylvalum. Help her repair her busted Skell.
Type Client Client's Location Time
Normal Mission Mia Sylvalum (Cleansing Spring) Anytime
Prerequisites: Mighty Mia and A Girl's Wings completed
  1. Achieve all objectives
  2. "Talk to Mia at Sylvalum's Cleansing Spring."
  3. "Investigate Mia's Skell at Sylvalum's Needle Rock Sandsea."
  4. "Talk to Mia at Sylvalum's Needle Rock Sandsea."
  5. "Defeat two buoyant pugiliths at Sylvalum's Needle Rock Sandsea."
  6. "Talk to Mia at Sylvalum's Needle Rock Sandsea."
Results: "You were under heavy fire, but somehow managed to repel the enemy attack. Mia clearly sees you as a bit of a role model. Guess you'll see her in Cauldros next…"

It's-a Mia! is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Mia near the Cleansing Spring in Sylvalum. It is the fourth of five Missions that culminate in Mia being able to be recruited.

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