Jack Knives are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are Fiora's knives, and can be dropped by enemies in Tephra Cave or traded for with Désirée, if she becomes a sculpter after the quest Désirée's Future.



1 slot

NPC Area Affinity
Désirée Colony 9 1

Désirée only trades this item if she becomes a sculptor.

Enemy drops

(All chests are silver)

2 slots

Enemy Area Rate
Air VangTephra Cave3.2 %
Clap BunnivTephra Cave3.2 %
Iron BunnivTephra Cave3.2 %
Mell LizardTephra Cave2.9 %
Wallslide GwynryTephra Cave2.9 %

1 slot

Enemy Area Rate
Mell LizardTephra Cave4.7 %
Wallslide GwynryTephra Cave4.7 %
Cute CaterpileTephra Cave4.1 %
Eater CaterpileTephra Cave4.1 %
Mining PatrichevTephra Cave3.2 %
Singing BrogTephra Cave2.4 %