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Jumbo Guarder
An immensely heavy weapon that can only be wielded by the strong.
Type Reyn's Gunlance
Attack 435-575
Physical Def 70
Ether Def 35
Critical Rate 0%
Block Rate 20%
Empty Slots 1 – 3
Sell Price 2,250 G

Jumbo Guarders are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are gunlances wielded by Reyn.



1 slot

NPC Area Affinity
Mixik Fallen Arm 3

Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Three slots

Enemy Area Rate
Lelepago PterixFallen Arm14 %
Furious JozanHigh Entia Tomb10.7 %
M85 Meteor ArtilleryFallen Arm7.3 %
Glacier AconGalahad Fortress5.2 %
M65 Hunter UnitGalahad Fortress5.2 %
M66 Production UnitGalahad Fortress5.2 %
M66 Supply UnitGalahad Fortress5.2 %
M68 Construction UnitGalahad Fortress5.2 %
Precious RetratoGalahad Fortress5.2 %
Defensive Guard Unit (first)Galahad Fortress0 %
Defensive Guard Unit (second)Galahad Fortress0 %
Experimental M86 (QE)Galahad Fortress0 %
Face Nemesis (B)Galahad Fortress0 %
M94 Guard Unit (first)Galahad Fortress0 %
M94 Guard Unit (second)Galahad Fortress0 %
Sentinel Mechon (SE)Galahad Fortress0 %
Gold FaceGalahad Fortress0 %

Two slots

Enemy Area Rate
Corriente KrabbleFallen Arm14 %
Lampo PonioFallen Arm14 %
Oros KrabbleFallen Arm14 %
Tramont WispFallen Arm14 %
M58 Tactical UnitGalahad Fortress11.3 %
M59 CaptainGalahad Fortress11.3 %
Glacier AconGalahad Fortress9.3 %
M65 Hunter UnitGalahad Fortress9.3 %
M66 Production UnitGalahad Fortress9.3 %
M66 Supply UnitGalahad Fortress9.3 %
M68 Construction UnitGalahad Fortress9.3 %
Precious RetratoGalahad Fortress9.3 %
Offensive Security UnitFallen Arm7.3 %
Offensive Seeker UnitFallen Arm7.3 %
Splendid BotisFallen Arm7.3 %
Offensive Scout UnitGalahad Fortress6.3 %
Bright Wisp (QE)Fallen Arm0 %
Offensive Hover Unit (QE)Fallen Arm0 %
Offensive Strike Unit (QE)Fallen Arm0 %
Sentinel Mechon (SE)Galahad Fortress0 %
Woeful Upa (QE)Satorl Marsh0 %

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Offensive Security UnitFallen Arm8.8 %
Offensive Seeker UnitFallen Arm8.8 %
Splendid BotisFallen Arm8.8 %
Offensive Hover Unit (QE)Fallen Arm0 %
Offensive Strike Unit (QE)Fallen Arm0 %
Woeful Upa (QE)Satorl Marsh0 %

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