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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Junks Shop 2
Junks shops
Junks Shop 2 (left) in Hidden Machina Village
Type Shops
Located Fallen Arm
Colony 6
Bionis' Interior
Music Hidden Machina Village
Colony 6 - Silence, Rebuilding, Hope, Future
Bionis' Interior (Pulse)

Junks Shop 2 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It appears on the deck of Junks after the events at the Mechonis Core, and can be accessed in both the Hidden Machina Village and Colony 6, and later in Bionis' Interior. It is operated by a Homs who sells armour and arts manuals. He is accompanied by another Homs wearing a backpack who operates Junks Shop 1, specialising in weapons and arts manuals.



Item Slot Price
Brave Cap Yes 12,000 G
Retrieved Gear No 22,500 G
Ether III Goggles Unique 29,400 G
Speed III Goggles Unique 30,000 G
Attack III Goggles Unique 36,000 G
Power III Goggles Unique 39,600 G


Item Slot Price
Brave Top Yes 22,200 G
Gemini Armour No 38,000 G
Ether III Frame Unique 49,800 G
Speed III Frame Unique 51,000 G
Attack III Frame Unique 55,800 G
Power III Frame Unique 59,700 G


Item Slot Price
Brave Gloves Yes 9,240 G
Retrieved Gauntlets No 18,200 G
Ether III Arms Unique 19,200 G
Speed III Arms Unique 21,000 G
Attack III Arms Unique 25,200 G
Power III Arms Unique 29,400 G


Item Slot Price
Brave Bottoms Yes 18,000 G
Gemini Leggings No 31,200 G
Ether III Boosters Unique 39,600 G
Speed III Booster Unique 41,400 G
Attack III Boosters Unique 45,600 G
Power III Boosters Unique 49,200 G


Item Slot Price
Brave Shoes Yes 13,920 G
Retrieved Boots No 27,700 G
Eris Drones Yes 40,320 G
Lucina Drones Yes 46,320 G
Uranus Drones Yes 50,400 G

Arts Manuals

Item Price
Summon Bolt 9,700 G
Summon Flare 10,800 G
Summon Aqua 11,500 G
Final Flicker 14,800 G
Summon Ice 15,100 G
Peekaboo 15,600 G
Power Effect 16,000 G
Drive Boost 16,800 G


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