Killing Machine

Killing Machine is one of many Aura Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It increases the user's melee accuracy, melee attack, and potential stats.


Class Rank Learned Weapon Type Range Effect Secondary Cooldown Tertiary Cooldown
Winged Viper 6 Dual Swords Aura Self Melee Accuracy Up; Melee Attack Up; Potential Up Aura tier +1
Effect time +20.0 s
Aura tier +2
Effect time +40.0 s
Level Aura duration Cooldown BP Cost
1 20.0 s 60.0 s -
2 22.0 s 50.4 s 6
3 24.0 s 45.6 s 18
4 26.0 s 40.8 s 54
5 28.0 s 36.0 s 108

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