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Knives are melee weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X. In the beginning of the game, this is the initial melee weapon Cross can use as a Drifter. Knives are retained when changing to Enforcer, and can be further mastered through Psycorruptor and Mastermind classes. Knives are also the melee weapons used by Irina, Celica, Hope, and Mia.


Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Art Acquired Class Acquired Rank Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Chrome Armor Drifter 2 Target: One Ally None 0 Grants Physical Res Up
Slit Edge Drifter 4 Target: Single Enemy Weapon 0 Deals weapon damage + FROM THE SIDE: boosts damage
Recuperate Drifter 8 Target: Self None 1000 Boosts evasion + Continually restores HP.
Repair Enforcer 3 Target: One Ally None 0 Removes debuffs + Restores HP
Full Specs Enforcer 7 Target: Self None 1000 Boosts potential + Boosts ranged attack + Boosts either resistance
Screamer Psycorruptor 1 Targent: Enemy Vicinity None 0 Inflicts Sleep
Absorber Skin Psycorruptor 3 Target: One Ally None 0 Grants Barrier
Brainjack Psycorruptor 7 Target: Single Enemy None 1000 Seizes control of target enemy and turns it into an ally.
Dispel Mastermind 1 Target: Single Enemy None 1000 Deals ether damage + Randomly removes one buff from the target
Servant Sacrifice Mastermind 3 Target: Self None 0 Boosts HP and TP when controlling a target + Sometimes destroys target
Energy Source Mastermind 4 Target: One Ally None 1000 Boosts TP + Boosts Potential
Black Butterfly Mastermind 6 Target: Single Enemy Ether 0 Deals ether damage + Inflicts Ether Res Down + Shortens aura effect time

Unique Arts

Art Acquired From Mission Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Smooth Recovery Irina Renewed Will Target: Nearby Allies None 0 Restores HP + Grants Evasion Up
Black Bane Celica New in New LA Target: Single Enemy Ether 0 Deals ether damage + More debuffs on target = higher damage
Secondary Speed Hope A False Hope Target: Self None 1000 Reduces secondary cooldown + Reduces auto-attack intervals


Arms Manufacturer Name Attribute
Sakuraba Industries Knife Physical
Knife II Physical
Knife III Electric
Grenada Galactic Group Riv Physical
Meredith & Co. Pugio Ether
Orphean Technologies Iyst Ether
Iyst II Gravity
Nopon Commerce Guild Pokepoke Thermal

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