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Last Words is a Soul Voice in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is triggered when the party member is incapacitated.



Dialogue Option Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
A XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +500 TP per hit
B XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +300 TP per hit
C XCX-Soul-Voice-Aura-Icon Grants Invincibility III

Other characters

Character Dialogue Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
Elma "Just… one more hit…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +500 TP per hit
Lin "Sorry… You guys take it from…here…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +300 TP per hit
Irina "Sorry. The rest is…up to you…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Aura-Icon Grants Invincibility III
Gwin "Forget about me… Just unload on 'em…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +300 TP per hit
Doug "Use an aura… You need to stay…safe…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Aura-Icon Grants Invincibility III
Lao "If I could just get…one more shot in…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +300 TP per hit
L "Goodbye… and goodnight…!"
Bozé "Leave me. Don't stop firing…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Shooting-Icon +300 TP per hit
Frye "Ugh… One more swing and I woulda…had 'em…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +500 TP per hit
Nagi "Leave me! Just get in there and knock 'em around!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +500 TP per hit
Phog "Use an aura… Hold out just a little longer…" XCX-Soul-Voice-Aura-Icon Grants Invincibility III

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