Lattice Gauntlets are medium arms armour in Xenoblade Chronicles.



NPC Area Affinity
Zel Argentis Alcamoth 4

Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Enemy Area Rate
Bono NebulaEryth Sea20.9 %
Buono NebulaEryth Sea20.9 %
Flabbergasted JeromeEryth Sea20.9 %
Azul AndosHigh Entia Tomb17.4 %
Eryth HilnEryth Sea17.4 %
Nero AndosHigh Entia Tomb17.4 %
Turbulent BelmoEryth Sea17.4 %
Flutes KromarEryth Sea14.9 %
Otol KromarEryth Sea14.9 %
Palti KromarEryth Sea14.9 %
Somati KromarEryth Sea14.9 %
Subterranean ZomarEryth Sea14.9 %
Lightspeed SonidEryth Sea5.9 %
Setor EksEryth Sea5.9 %
Abominable Hiln (QE)Eryth Sea0 %
Defensive Kromar (SE)Eryth Sea0 %


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