League Armour is medium torso armour in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be dropped by many Armus, and be obtained as a quest reward after completing Reversed Tastes. It is commonly worn by traveling High Entia.


Quest Rewards

No slots


No slots

NPC Area Affinity
Elior Alcamoth 1
En Argentis Alcamoth ☆1
Atael Alcamoth ☆2
Don Argentis Alcamoth ☆2
En Argentis Eryth Sea ☆2

Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Lightspeed SonidEryth Sea11.6 %
Peeling KircheisEryth Sea11.6 %
Gentle Mother ArmuColony 910.2 %
Plain ArmuColony 910.2 %
Lakebed OrthlusColony 98.9 %
Maleza KromarEryth Sea8.7 %
Setor EksEryth Sea8.7 %
Tussock KromarEryth Sea8.7 %
Mount TortaBionis' Leg8.5 %
Baby ArmuColony 90 %

No slots

Enemy Area Rate
Peeling KircheisEryth Sea13.9 %
Maleza KromarEryth Sea10.4 %
Tussock KromarEryth Sea10.4 %
Funeral GozraEryth Sea9.5 %
Pulse OrlugaEryth Sea7.1 %
Tocos OrlugaEryth Sea7.1 %


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