Levitaths (Japanese: ルキオラ, Rukiora) are gigantic whale-like flying Insectoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be found in Primordia, Noctilum, and Oblivia.


"Levitaths' huge mouths are giant vacuums used to imbibe ethereal energy, while their hollow upper torsos house low-density gas, making the creatures highly efficient fliers, Though generally docile, they will unleash powerful ether-based attacks in self-defense.

Because levitaths stay airborne without expending energy, they actually never need to land. As such, they spend all phases on their life—including reproduction and child rearing—in the air. Chicks are born in the torso cavity, remaining there for roughly six months until flightworthy. Just before leaving, the younglings receive a portion of their mother's flight-assisting gas."

Color Variants

Levitaths fall into three color variants:

  • Blue levitaths are primarily blue in coloration. They can drop Sparkling Blue Gems. They are found in Primorida.
  • Red levitaths are primarily red in coloration. They can drop Sparkling Red Gems. They are found in Noctilum, usually at night.
  • Purple levitaths are primarily purple in coloration. They can drop Sparkling Purple Gems. They are found in Oblivia.

Types of Levitath

Minor Enemies



Levitath may be a portmanteau of levitate ("to hover"), and Leviathan, a large sea monster in the Old Testament.


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