Valak Mountain Location

A Lexos can be seen in the Valak Mountain opening sequence

Lexos (Japanese: レクソス, Rekusosu) are serpentine aerial monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are rather uncommon and can be difficult to engage.

There are two varieties of Lexos—red and white/blue. The first is fought in the Eryth Sea. Others are found outside Colony 6, in Makna Forest, on Valak Mountain,

The two strongest Lexos are:

  1. Exposure Wolfol at lv 97 in Lava Cave in Valak Mountain (Red).
  2. Unreliable Rezno at lv 96 in the lake at Great Makna Falls in Makna Forest. (Blue/White).

There are several types of Lexos.

Minor Enemies

Unique Monsters

Quest Exclusive Unique Monsters


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