Liceors (Japanese: クラーラ, Kurāra) are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are large bird-like creatures with horn-shaped heads similar to Saltats. They are exclusive to Sylvalum.


"Liceors share a common ancestor with the saltats, and in a similar fashion, the males woo potential mates by dancing. However, females also take a male's "fortune" into account, requiring them to amass a collection of jewels, minerals, and curiously shaped stones that are stored in a spherical thoracic pouch. During the dance, the male will fling treasures to divert the female's attention, affording a brief chance to inch closer. Should the male succeed in closing the gap completely, he will have won a mate. If the female does not take to her presents, however, she will dart off."

"Aside from the unique mating ritual, the liceor's main feature is a wildly inconsistent temperament, which can switch from joy to rage depending on the weather."

Types of Liceors

Minor Enemies



Liceor is Latin for "make an offer" or "appraise".

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