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Lionhearted is an Affinity Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be accepted near O'rrh Sim Castle Ruins in Cauldros. It is the only Affinity Mission that is not found in New Los Angeles.


  1. "Head to Cauldros's Ganglion Weapons Hangar."
  2. "Defeat three Nameless Caladars." (3)
    • While the dialogue within the remaining cutscenes and in the objectives is determined by the route the player chooses, the action necessary to complete each objective is identical.

Route A

  1. "Defeat five Nameless Caladars somewhere in Cauldros." (5) (Wildcat Fortress)
  2. "Defeat the Nameless Caladar at Cauldros's Kw'arah Cloister." (1)

Route B

  1. "Find and defeat more Nameless Caladars than Ga Jiarg's team in Cauldros."
  2. "Defeat the final enemy at Cauldros's Kw'arah Cloister." (1)


"You destroyed more Skells than Ga Jiarg's team, gaining their respect in the process."