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For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

This page lists locations where Ether Crystals can be mined in Xenoblade Chronicles. For locations on Bionis, these are ether crystal deposits. For locations on Mechonis, these are ether gears. The numbers in each area correspond with the numbers on the area maps on the JCE.

Tephra Cave


Map of Tephra Cave (click to enlarge)

  1. Near Spring of Grief [Ice]
  2. NE of Vilia Lake [Earth]
  3. S of Vilia Lake [Water]
  4. In the Forgotten Cave [Earth]
  5. NW-most deposit on 2F, no nearby locations or landmarks [Fire]
  6. Near the Heavenly Window [Fire]

Bionis' Leg


Map of Bionis' Leg lower level (click to enlarge)


Map of Bionis' Leg upper level (click to enlarge)

  1. ENE of Jabos Rock Rest Area and NW of Rho Oasis [Wind]
  2. S end of Volff Lair [Electric]
  3. S end of Kisk Cave [Electric]
  4. Tranquil Grotto [Water]
  5. E of Daksha Shrine and WSW of Crevasse Waterfall [Wind]
  6. N of Windy Cave and S of Crevasse Waterfall [Electric]
  7. E of Viliera Hill and NW of Raguel Lake [Wind]
  8. S of Traveller's Rest [Water]

Colony 6


Map of Colony 6 (click to enlarge)

The rank of crystals obtained from these deposits begins at two and increases up to rank five during the reconstruction of Colony 6 as the Nature level of Colony 6 is increased.

  1. NE of Drainage Outlet [Wind]
  2. NW of Pod Depot and NE of Freight Elevator [Water]

Ether Mine


Map of the upper levels of the Ether Mine (click to enlarge)


Map of the lower levels of the Ether Mine (click to enlarge)

The rank of crystals obtained from deposits one through eight begins at two and increases up to rank five during the reconstruction of Colony 6 as the Nature level of Colony 6 is increased.

Deposits nine through nineteen become inaccessible after Xord is defeated.

  1. W of Drainage Control Room [Earth]
  2. N of Test Pit 3 [Wind]
  3. S of Test Pit 2 [Fire]
  4. S at Glowmoss Lake [Water]
  5. First deposit ESE of Central Terminal [Electric]
  6. S of Test Pit 4 [Ice]
  7. Second deposit ESE of Central Terminal [Fire]
  8. E of Test Pit 4 [Ice]
  9. S of Personnel Lift 2 [Water]
  10. SW of Central Pit - Entrance [Wind]
  11. B1F NE crystal deposit [Fire]
  12. B1F N crystal deposit [Electric]
  13. SSE of Regulation Piston [Earth]
  14. B2F E-most crystal deposit [Electric]
  15. B2F N-most crystal deposit [Earth]
  16. B2F NW crystal deposit [Ice]
  17. B2F W-most crystal deposit [Fire]
  18. NNW of Personnel Lift 3 [Wind]
    • Agility Up II
    • Quick Step II
  19. B3F N-most crystal deposit [Ice]

Satorl Marsh


Map of Satorl Marsh (click to enlarge)

  1. On a slight cliff SSE of the Nopon Merchant Camp [Electric]
  2. On a cliff E of Poison Swamp and SW of the Altar of Fate [Earth]
  3. At water level N of Soter Ruins and S of Place of Judgement [Water]
  4. In a waterfall SSE of Zaldania Waterfall and N of Poison Swamp [Water]
  5. S-most part of Dark Swamp [Earth]
  6. Sororal Statues - E on the statue after climbing the third set of vines [Electric]

Bionis' Interior


Map of Bionis' Interior (click to enlarge)

  1. E side of First Lung [Water]
  2. N side of Second Lung [Electric]
  3. Platform E of Second Lung, reachable from path S of deposit [Fire]
  4. S of Terminal Nerve Tower [Ice]
  5. E of Pars Sympathica Tower [Wind]
  6. Terminal Vein [Earth]

Makna Forest


Map of Makna Forest (click to enlarge)

  1. Lakeside [Water]
  2. NNE of Divine Sanctuary [Wind]
  3. SW of Sap Cave [Electric]
  4. WNW of Bridge Two [Earth]
  5. SE of Glowmoss Trihenge [Wind]
  6. Down the vines S of Abyss Basin [Fire]
  7. Beside the river ENE of Pod Landing Site and N of Bridge Three [Fire]
  8. Decayed Forest [Fire]
  9. E of Eks Watering Hole and NW of Twisted Tree Gate [Earth]

Eryth Sea


Map of Eryth Sea (click to enlarge)

  1. Showdown Cliff to the NE on the upper level [Wind]
  2. Anu Shore on the upper level [Electric]
  3. Secluded Island [Water]
  4. Sleeping Dragon Isle [Water]
  5. SW on Hovering Reef 7 [Wind]
  6. N on Hovering Reef 10 [Electric]
  7. Ether Crystal Deposit [Electric]
  8. Below Hovering Reef 9 [Wind]

Valak Mountain


Map of Valak Mountain (click to enlarge)

  1. Serik Waterfall (Mine symbol is obscured on area map by location name) [Water]
  2. E of Kana Peak and WSW of Apis Lair [Wind]
  3. Nagul Waterfall [Ice]
  4. S of Nopon Camp [Wind]
  5. W deposit in Lava Cave [Fire]
  6. E deposit in Lava Cave [Fire]
  7. E of Harict Chapel [Water]
  8. SE of Ignia Hill and far NW of La Luz Church [Ice]
  9. Bionis' Right Elbow N [Water]
  10. N of Great Glacier on a ledge [Ice]

Sword Valley


Map of Sword Valley (click to enlarge)

  1. Supply Convoy [Earth]
  2. SSE of Ged Fortress [Electric]
  3. Upper floor of Dolgan Outpost [Wind]
  4. NNE of Dolgan Outpost and NNW of 5th Gate [Fire]
  5. On a catwalk NNW of Ether Storage Area and S of 3rd Gate [Fire]
  6. Upper floor of Enalda Control Base [Electric]
  7. Port Maintenance Bay [Wind]

Galahad Fortress


Map of Galahad Fortress (click to enlarge)

  1. Main Maintenance Bay [Earth]
  2. NE of 1st Turbine Room [Fire]
  3. Ether Blast Furnace - SW Ether Gear [Water]
  4. Ether Blast Furnace - SE Ether Gear [Fire]
  5. Ether Blast Furnace - NE Ether Gear [Water]
  6. Ether Blast Furnace - NW Ether Gear [Earth]

Fallen Arm


Map of the Fallen Arm (click to enlarge)

  1. E of Silver Wreckage [Earth]
  2. Power Pipe Ruins [Ice]
  3. 5th Pulse Zone [Earth]
  4. E of Giant Mechon Debris [Ice]
  5. Ether Exhaust System [Earth]
  6. Digit 2 S on a platform at sea level [Ice]

Mechonis Field


Map of Mechonis Field (click to enlarge)

  1. NNE of 1st Lift - GF [Electric]
  2. SE of 2nd Lift - 1F on a ledge after a long climb down [Ice]
  3. NNW of Bulkhead Controls [Electric]
  4. Ether Gear Store [Fire]
  5. Ether Gear Store [Earth]
  6. Machina Refuge [Fire]

Central Factory


Map of Central Factory (click to enlarge)

  1. 1F, S-most Ether Gear, no nearby locations or landmarks [Fire]
  2. N of Control Tower [Water]
  3. Storage Depot [Electric]
  4. 1F, W-most Ether Gear, no nearby locations or landmarks [Earth]
  5. WSW of Tower Boarding Gate [Water]
  6. WNW of Tower Boarding Gate [Earth]
  7. NE of Regeneration Control [Electric]
  8. N of Face Maintenance Bay [Fire]



Map of Agniratha (click to enlarge)

  1. NNW of Central Tower [Electric]
  2. SE of Seven Sage Cloister [Wind]
  3. NNE of Helas Pillar [Fire]
  4. 1F, E-Central ether gear [Wind]
  5. Cleas Pillar [Water]
  6. WSW of Telethia Bridge [Fire]
  7. S of Judicial District [Electric]

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