Timedquest This quest will expire after the events at the Mechonis Core.

Looking for a Lost Daughter is a Timed Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Vol'aren in Alcamoth. If Shulk is in the active party, he will comment. Cian can be found on the ground floor, due east of the Fountain of Hope landmark, in some shallow water, next to a wall that is actually a ramp.


  • "Find Cian."
  • "Return to Vol'aren."


"You found the lost child and returned her safely to her father."


  • Upon completion of the quest, the Affinity Chart will change if Vol'aren is spoken to again twice:
Vol'arenAffinity-bar Affinity bar blue Affinity-barCian initially Affinity-3-green
Vol'aren Doting Cian
Vol'arenAffinity-bar Affinity bar blue Affinity-barAtael initially Affinity-3-green
Vol'aren Doting Atael
  • Also after completing this quest, if Ricoth is registered, talking to Cian at 06:00 - 11:59 will trigger another change:
CianAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barRicoth initially Affinity-2-yellow
Cian Relief Ricoth

Unique Comments

Shulk: "I think it's great when kids are being kids. And I guess being a kid means getting yourself lost sometimes... But you must be happy to see your children full of life, right?"
Vol'aren: "Of course it makes me happy! Seeing my kids happy and active makes me happier than anything! But I'd hate for anything to happen to them, so I can't help but worry."