The Machina Nibbler II is one of Riki's Biters, with the ability to damage Mechon. It is a direct upgrade of the Machina Nibbler, and presumably a downgrade of the Machina Nibbler III, although it has a higher physical defence, ether defence and block rate compared to III.




NPC Area Affinity
Natalia Fallen Arm 5

Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Enemy Area Rate
M45/VIOLAMechonis Field13.6 %
M44/ANGRYCentral Factory13.3 %
M37/WITCHMechonis Field6.8 %
M37/ZEBRAMechonis Field6.8 %
M55/GRACEMechonis Field6.8 %
M57/FAITHMechonis Field6.8 %
M66/TRICKMechonis Field6.8 %
M68/CHORDMechonis Field6.8 %
Amorous ArcaMechonis Field6.7 %
M36/FAIRYCentral Factory6.7 %
M38/ESSAYCentral Factory6.7 %
M53/THANKCentral Factory6.7 %
M57/BEASTCentral Factory6.7 %
M67/SONARCentral Factory6.7 %
M68/MARCHCentral Factory6.7 %
Revolutionary BifronsMechonis Field6.7 %
Beautiful VagulCentral Factory6.5 %
Faithful LancelotCentral Factory6.5 %
M36/SACREAgniratha6.5 %
M37/EAGERAgniratha6.5 %
M55/DREADAgniratha6.5 %
M56/UNIONAgniratha6.5 %
M67/HASTEAgniratha6.5 %
M67/RADARAgniratha6.5 %
M67/REALMAgniratha6.5 %
M68/MISERAgniratha6.5 %
Mild FlorenceCentral Factory6.5 %
Destructive BorsAgniratha6.4 %
Experienced TristanAgniratha6.4 %
Vagabond AllocerAgniratha6.4 %
M108/SPADECentral Factory3.4 %
Magestic MordredCentral Factory3.3 %
M88 Watchtower (QE)Central Factory0 %