Makna Forest

Makna Forest

This page is a list of all the Unique Monsters in Makna Forest.

Name Level Location Spawntime
Agile Albatro 33 Beach below Bridge Three Clear weather or heatwave
Breezy Zolos 37 Windmill Pavilion Any
Brutal Gravar 46 King Agni's Tomb Any, during and after Mystery of Makna Ruins 2
Elder Gragus 34 East of Nopon Arch Clear weather or heatwave
Illustrious Golteus 98 Precipice Bridge Clear weather or heatwave, after completing Mechonis Core
Lazy Bluco 34 Yellow Flower Grove Night
Magnificent Digalus 99 Decayed Forest Any, after completing Mechonis Core
Obsessive Galgaron 35 Hode Lair Any
Shimmering Forte 33 Eks Watering Hole Heatwave
Unreliable Rezno 96 Center island in Great Makna Falls Final Challenge of the Sage QE, day, not heatwave, after completing Mechonis Core


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