Man'an, the Water Whisperer (Japanese: 霊水のマンアン, Reisui no Man'an) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a member of the Arenatect family. It can be found at level 43 northeast of Lake Ciel in Sylvalum, where it walks to the lake's edge upon spawning. It is accompanied by two Cerulean Arenatects.



Art Attribute Category Hits Range Effect Appendage Homing
Headbutt Gravity Melee 1 Single - - -
Body Press Gravity Melee 1 Circle around caster Stagger - -
Ether Shot Ether Ranged 2 Single - Antennae Yes
Jam Ether Ranged 1 Circle around caster Fatigue Antennae -
Ether Laser Physical Ranged 2 Single Slow Arts - Yes
Mega Breath Physical Ranged 1 Single Launch - -


Part Item Type Rarity
Abdomen Emerald Whiskey Material Rare
Back Eternal Arenatect Moss Material Rare
Head Arenatect Shell Material Rare
Antenna Luminescent Antenna Material Common
Body Blue Fungi Material Common
Body Viscous Humour Material Common
Body Arenatect A Holofigure Intergalactic

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