For the mission exclusive enemies, see Marnuck (Jair Fortress) and Marnuck (Alexander Ridge).

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The Marnuck Commander along with two Marnuck Soldiers

The Marnucks (マルナーク, Marunāku) are a race of beings in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are very aggressive warlike alien race and members of the Ganglion coalition.


"An exceedingly warlike race hailing from Wyran, a planet that was destroyed in a global civil war where the only survivors were the ones who backed the Ganglion. Marnucks revel in combat above all else, and as such, military tech is their greatest accomplishment. They subscribe to a polytheistic religion, the chief deity of which rules over life and death as a kind of 'god of the graveyard.' Sending adversaries to this deity by felling them in battle is considered a noble act. The more foes that are vanquished, the better one's standing in the afterlife. As Marnucks are eternally bound to the battlefield, many choose to live as vagabonds. Social class is determined by the outcome of a ceremonial duel during the rite of adulthood, as well as subsqeuent fruits of war reaped thereafter."

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