Marnuck Ruffians are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are Marnuck Ganglion troopers, and can be found at level 31-34 or at level 40 at Hilal Stronghold, Badr Stronghold, and at the southern foot of the Delusian Mountains below FN Site 419 in Sylvalum.


Part Item Type Rarity
Body Combat Boost Meds Material Common
Body Fine White Belt Material Common
Body Broken Buckle Material Common
 ? Worn Chromoly Spear II Weapon  ?
 ? Worn Destroyer Ratatatta Weapon  ?
 ? Worn Destroyer Sniper Rifle Weapon  ?
 ? SSM-XR230GG Voltstorm Skell Weapon  ?
 ? Worn Chromoly Bolide Weapon  ?