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Healing scientist
Time Active 18:00 - 06:00
Gender Female
Race Nopon
Age 28
Location Colony 9 (Central Military District)
Colony 6 (Main Entrance)

Mefimefi (Japanese: メフィメフィ) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. She can be found in the middle of the Military District of Colony 9, and upstairs in Colony 6, south of the Heart-to-Heart upstairs near the entrance.

Inviting to Colony 6

Mefimefi Location Colony 6

Mefimefi's location in Colony 6


  • Sesame (Only if she stays in Colony 9, blue link)
  • Betty (Only if she stays in Colony 9, green link)
  • Werner (Only if she emigrated to Colony 6, yellow link)
  • Jer'ell (Only if she emigrated to Colony 6, green link)
  • Norara (Only if she emigrated to Colony 6, green link)

Trade (Colony 9)

Item Affinity
Strong Dandelion 1
Block Guarder (1 slot) ☆1
Iron Krabble Shell ☆2
Shin Gecko ☆3
Light Shoes (1 slot) ☆3
Battle Armour (0 slots) ☆4
Blue Vang Wing ☆5
Prototype Helm (0 slots) Overtrade +8,000 G

Trade (Colony 6)

Item Affinity
Black Frog 1
Tatty Insect Wing ☆1
Good Footing II ☆2
Marble Driver (0 slots) ☆3
Warrior's Diadem (Unique) ☆3
Rumble Part ☆4
Good Footing III ☆4
Small Upa Light Overtrade +1,100 G



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