Mephites (Japanese: メピテス, Mepitesu) are skunk-like enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are characterized by their large furry tails and their use of a malodorous gas as a weapon.

In-Game Description

"The enemies of mephites have more to worry about than their sharp fangs and fiery temper-namely a rancid blend of fluids released through their posteriors in a gaseous cloud. The lingering smell of these odorous assaults can persist for months."

"During mating season, male mephites gain a new, ornate coat of fur. As for the females, their exclusive task is to rear infants in a deep vertical den, the entrance of which is cloused in the same malodorant gas to ensure that any and all predators steer clear."

Color Variants

Mephites fall into three color variants:

  • Green Mephites have dark grey fur with greenish-grey markings and no stripes. They can drop a Green Puff.
  • Black Mephites have black fur with dark red markings and two stripes. They can drop a Black Puff.
  • Golden Mephites have black fur with yellow markings and two stripes. They can drop a Golden Puff.

Types of Mephites

Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



Mephite may be derived from mephitidae, the skunk family, or from mephitis, the genus of the North American striped skunk.