Meteor Staffs are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are staffs that can be wielded by Melia. They can be obtained as a quest reward.


Quest reward

Enemy drops

Note: Enemies marked as QE and SE are Quest-Exclusive and Story-Exclusive respectively and do not respawn. For enemies with a 0% drop rate, this item can only be obtained using Riki's Yoink! ability.

Three slots

Enemy Area Rate
Frost NebulaSatorl Marsh12.3 %
Flailing BrackenColony 94.5 %
Opulent FlamiiColony 94.5 %
Resplendent FlamiiColony 94.5 %
Deadly MedorloEryth Sea3.9 %
Stormy BelagonEryth Sea3.2 %
Asara Telethia (Eryth Sea)Eryth Sea2.9 %
Powerful EligosFallen Arm2.5 %
Wicked SallosFallen Arm2.5 %
Lograt KromarEryth Sea2.4 %
Eternal PalsadiaSatorl Marsh1.2 %
Ancient Rhogulia (QE)Colony 60 %
Radiant Pterix (QE)Satorl Marsh0 %

Two slots

Enemy Area Rate
Gigas TelethiaBionis' Interior27.8 %
Licorne TelethiaBionis' Interior27.8 %
Ghostly MahatosBionis' Interior21.7 %
Vivid AnstanBionis' Interior21.7 %
Unreliable Rezno (QE)Makna Forest18.4 %
Kyel LexosColony 611.3 %
Envy SardiBionis' Leg5.4 %
Lahar FlamiiBionis' Leg4.2 %
Masterful GigapurPrison Island4.2 %
Brabilam VangTephra Cave3.2 %
Falsel BunnivTephra Cave3.2 %
Fascia BunnivTephra Cave3.2 %
Frost NebulaSatorl Marsh3.2 %
Judicious BunnitzolTephra Cave3.2 %
Musical VanflareTephra Cave3.2 %
Reckless GaldonTephra Cave3.2 %
Serene ImlalyPrison Island3.2 %
Newgate LaiaPrison Island3.1 %
Protective TorquidonTephra Cave3.1 %
Tempest VangBionis' Leg3 %
Radiant Pterix (QE)Satorl Marsh2.9 %
Field AltrichBionis' Leg2.8 %
Powerful EligosFallen Arm2.8 %
Wicked SallosFallen Arm2.8 %
Babel DeinosPrison Island2.4 %
Bagrus NebulaMakna Forest2.2 %
Asha TelethiaColony 61.4 %
Inja Telethia (SE)Colony 60 %
Sani Telethia (SE)Colony 60 %

One slot

Enemy Area Rate
Ageless MoabitPrison Island5.4 %
Inferno HeinrichPrison Island5.4 %
Cratere NebulaPrison Island4.1 %
Fiume NebulaPrison Island4.1 %
Gracile NebulaPrison Island4.1 %
Randa NebulaPrison Island4.1 %
Solare NebulaPrison Island4.1 %
Uragano NebulaPrison Island4.1 %

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