Millesaurs (Japanese: ミレザウロ, Mirezauro) are enormous, dinosaur-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X.


Millesaurs are amongst the largest, physically, of all Miran fauna. Their long trunks can move in any direction to strip trees of their leaves and plains of their grasses, while rocks they have swallowed grind up this vegetation in their stomach, aiding digestion.

Though gargantuan in size, a significant portion of the millesaur anatomy is dedicated to an air sac, making them much lighter than they first appear. As adults are seldom targeted by predators, they will almost never attack other creatures--except when their offspring are in danger. For this reason, several millesaurs keep watch over their young at all times. Interestingly, direct incubation is impossible due to their size, so they use geothermal heat to keep unhatched eggs warm.

Types of Millesaurs

Minor Enemies


Squad Mission Exclusive Enemy


Physically, their heads resemble those of the Earth praying mantis, their front "shoulders" have bony protuberances, several crevices on their bodies glow with an orange hue (again, excepting the Tyrants), their long necks have mushroom-like growths sprouting from them, and a crater-like port sticks from their back, giving the beasts the appearance of a walking volcano. A large and wrinkled skin-flap on their chests hide a secondary head resembling a lizard's; this head is only revealed when the primary head has been severed.


The name is likely derived from the Latin word "Mille", meaning a very large number, and the Greek word "Sauros", meaning lizard.

The original name from early beta versions, アンフィコエリアス (Anfikoeriasu), may have been derived from Amphicoelias, a genus of sauropod and one of the largest animals ever discovered.

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