A female Milsaadi during White Lifehold

The Milsaadi (ミルサード, Mirusādo) are a race of beings in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are alien assassins with high skills in melee combat. They are members of the Ganglion coalition.


"A race of silicon-based organisms not unlike machines. Pain is a sensation they can disable, thus eliminating any and all fear of battle. They boast remarkable skill in close-range combat, which is why the Ganglion use them to carry out high-profile assassinations. As hunting is regarded as a sacred act, Milsaadi generally confront even the largest of prey armed only with close-quarters weapons. This custom is the reason for their mastery of melee combat, though their honed reflexes also make them skilled Skell pilots.

On their home planet of Bidwoi, the Milsaadi made up only a fraction of the population—the majority of which were enslaved aliens that toiled under their totalitarian rule."

List of Milsaadi Enemies

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