Nopon maid
Time Active 06:00 - 15:00 (Frontier Village)
06:00 - 18:00 (Colony 6)
Gender Female
Race Nopon
Age 25
Location Frontier Village (Kyn Shopping Street)
Colony 6

Minana (Japanese: ミンカ, Minka) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. She can be found at Kyn Shopping Street next to the Frontier Village Weapon Shop in Frontier Village. If she is invited to Colony 6, she can be found near the Nopon house next to the lake.

Inviting to Colony 6

  • Housing must be Level 5.
  • Colony 6 must be 55% reconstructed.
  • Berryjammy must already have immigrated.
  • If she is recruited, Gowago cannot be recruited.


  • Miko (If she stays at Frontier Village, yellow link)
  • Berryjammy (If she migrates to Colony 6, green link)
  • Yura (If she migrates to Colony 6, yellow link)
  • Nopo'rikh (If she migrates to Colony 6, green link)

Trade (Frontier Village)

Item Affinity
Heavy Driver (0 slots) 1
Venomous Lizard ☆2
Hode Camouflage ☆3
Chronos Cap (Unique) ☆5
Spicy Nut Overtrade +6,240 G

Trade (Colony 6)

Item Affinity
Wrecking Nibbler (1 slot) 1
Pelt Gloves (1 slot) ☆1
Night Vision III ☆2
Generic Shaft ☆2
Bitter Wisp Fluid ☆2
Pauper's Cup ☆4
Night Vision IV ☆4
Blue Root ☆5
Power II Frame (Unique) Overtrade +35,700 G


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