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For the quest in Xenoblade Chronicles, see Missing in Action.

Jitsu affinity
Everyone is currently looking for the missing Satsu.
Type Client Client's Location Time
Normal Mission Jitsu Noctilum (Whale's Nostril) Anytime
Prerequisites: BFFs completed, Lin in party
  1. "Search for Satsu in Noctilum's Humdrum Peaks."
  2. "Talk to Jitsu at Noctilum's Whale's Nostril."
  3. Achieve all objectives
  4. "Talk to Jitsu at Noctilum's Whale's Nostril."
Results: "Satsu has been found, and everyone returned safely to the caravan."

Missing in Action is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Jitsu at Dodonga Caravan in Noctilum.

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