Missions are a game mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles X. Similar to quests in Xenoblade Chronicles, missions are an easy and efficient way for the party to gain EXP, BP, credits, and items such as armor and weapons.

Mission Control

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The Navigating Settings for the Missions

The missions of the BLADE members are given in the form of Missions that are displayed in a Mission Control.

Looking at the Mission Control allows access to the names of the missions, the type, and the required BLADE Level displayed as stars. Once the mission is selected, the navigation can be activated in the Mission Control that displays it on your map. Then by using the Navigating Settings for mission on the right of the screen, the destination can be displayed on the map.

Types of missions

Story Missions

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Story Missions are missions related directly to the story. There are 12 Story Missions, with each corresponding to a chapter in the storyline. Each one has specific conditions that must be met in order to begin the next Story Mission. All Story Missions after Chapter 3 include the requirement that Elma and Lin be in the party (In Chapters 1-3, they are automatically accepted after the previous, and Elma and Lin are always in the party then), and certain characters cannot be in the party for certain chapters. Once begun, they cannot be abandoned, and no new Affinity Missions may be started until the Story Mission is complete. They are always accepted in the BLADE Barracks.

Affinity Missions

Affinity Mission marker

Affinity Mission marker

Affinity Missions strengthen the affinity between friends and bring the party to new encounters. They are known as KizunaQuests in the Japanese version (from kizuna, for bonds between people in relationships). They feature cutscenes and fully voiced dialogue. Most unlock party members, allow Cross to learn other characters' signature arts, or are required to begin specific Story Missions. Once begun, they cannot be abandoned, and no new Story or Affinity Missions may be started until the current one is complete.

The locations of Affinity Missions are marked by an orange symbol representing two clasped hands. On the minimap, they are shown as a book icon. These icons can be found throughout New Los Angeles, with the exception of one that is found in Cauldros. Examining one of these icons will reveal the title and prerequisites for the mission, which can include minimum level, maximum party size, required party members, restricted members who cannot be in the party, affinity with a specific character, and story or mission progress. If these requirements have been met, the player can accept the mission.

Normal Missions

Normal Missions are received from New Los Angeles residents, and from other NPCs across Mira. They are known as NormalQuests in the Japanese version. An unlimited number of Normal Missions may be ongoing simultaneously, although some cannot be started while specific others are in progress, and they cannot be abandoned. Several Normal Missions are started by specific Basic Missions.

Basic Missions

Basic Missions refer to missions accepted from the Mission Control, and are listed there on a semi-random basis. Even if all prerequisites for a Basic Mission are completed, the mission might not immediately appear on Mission Control. They are known as SimpleQuests in the Japanese version.

There are three types of Basic Missions:

  • Social missions simply require the party to talk to specific NPCs. Some of these lead to a specific Story, Affinity, or Normal Mission.
  • Gathering missions require the party to collect a number of a specific material or collectible, or to find a specific important item.
  • Bounty missions require the party to hunt a number of a given enemy.

Up to twenty Basic Missions can be accepted and in progress at once. They can be abandoned at the Mission Control if the player wishes to accept other missions. There are a finite number of Basic Missions, but after enough are completed, they will begin to repeat.

A few Basic Missions that guide the party to specific Story, Affinity, or Normal Missions may be missed if the corresponding mission is started without the Basic Mission; these have no rewards and do not count towards completion percentage, but their completion is recorded in the mission log.

Basic Missions are unlocked as the user's BLADE Level increases, along with story and mission progress. The star count on the Mission Control list represents the mission's required BLADE Level, and is not always indicative of its difficulty.

Squad Missions

Squad Missions refer to missions related the Network's Squad involving online multiplayer. These missions may be completed with other players online, or by oneself with NPC companions. These missions place the party in a closed off area and give instructions to fight several waves of enemies. Squad Missions are started at the Network Console inside the BLADE Barracks. They each have a minimum required level to participate, and a sync level that any characters (including the player) will be lowered to (temporarily) should it be exceeded. Current Squad tasks must be cleared in order to take on Squad Missions.


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Time Attack Missions

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DLC Missions

In the Japanese versions of Xenoblade Chronicles X, there was content not included with the initial release. The additional content was later released in downloadable content packs, but was integrated into the international release at no additional cost. There are two types of DLC Missions.

DLC Affinity Missions come with the four DLC Character (Alexa, Bozé, H.B., and Yelv) packs. Each character comes with three Affinity Missions: one that must be required in order to recruit the character, and two that require the DLC character to be in the party. They function identically to normal Affinity Missions.

DLC Support Missions come with the three DLC Support packs. These missions reward players based on the DLC pack they came from. One DLC pack awards EXP, BP, and Class Rank Points; another awards credits and Miranium; the third awards affinity between party members.