"The Monado Abyss has been designed for strong Attack power. The heavy materials used give it a high maximum Attack power. Damage is somewhat unfocused but it has immense strength."
— Vanea

The Monado Abyss is a weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is one of the Replica Monados, and is only usable by Shulk.

Quest items


The Max Attack for the Replicas will cap at 999. As it is necessary to fight through monsters that are around level 94 to get to the Femuny Wisps, the window of usefulness for this weapon can be very limited. Once the other Replicas get close to the damage cap, Abyss essentially becomes a Replica Monado with 5% higher critical hit chance and an insignificant advantage in Max Attack.

The Monado Abyss is the only Monado Replica which is a pure improvement over the standard Monado Replica - all other Replicas have a slight downside. However those Replicas offer possibly bigger advantages which make up for this.

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