"The Monado Agni provides a high block rate. It is made from hard materials for increased durability. Damage is somewhat unfocused, but block rate is greatly increased."
— Vanea

The Monado Agni is a weapon in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is one of the Replica Monados, and is only usable by Shulk.

Quest Items


This Monado replica, along with Monado Rudra, are among the most balanced and easily obtainable. It has an advantage of at least +20% block rate and +25 physical/ether defence over all other replicas, to the sole exception of Monado Saga. While Saga has an additional +100 physical/ether defence over Agni, it loses 10% block rate and a third slot.

Despite having the worst minimum damage of all replicas, it can achieve near-identical rating to Abyss/Dogma with the addition of a high level Attack Stability gem. This makes it favorable as a more defensive alternative to Rudra (it cannot achieve similar benefits at the price of a gem slot) as an endgame weapon, though if defense isn't an issue Rudra is generally the more superior choice.