Monado Armour is one of Shulk's Monado arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. The colour of the blade turns golden yellow when it is activated. The Ether particles gathered allows Shulk to generate a protective barrier around all allies. The barrier will temporarily reduce physical and Ether damage (excluding Talent Arts) by 30% – 75% depending on the art's level.


Art Level AP Cost Damage
1 - 30%
2 440 35%
3 880 40%
4 1,760 45%
5 3,520 50%
6 5,280 55%
7 7,920 60%
8 11,440 65%
9 15,840 70%
10 21,120 75%

Miscellaneous Info

  • This art can be used to partially defend against physical or Ether area effect attacks. However, the armour buff does not block status effects.


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