Shulk MonadoEnchant

Dunban using Monado Enchant

Monado Enchant is one of Shulk's Monado arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. When it is activated, Auto Attack Damage (against Mechon only) increases for everyone. Furthermore, it generates special Ether particles and transfers the particles to the other party members' conventional weapons. As a result, Mechon can be damaged normally for a period of time. During the Battle of Sword Valley and the second round of the story battle event at Central Plaza when the Mechon attack Colony 9, Dunban wields the Monado and can perform this art.


Level Learnt Attribute Range Aggro Parameter Talent Gauge Cost Effect
1 Ether All 15 50% Enchant (normal weapons can damage Mechon)
Auto Attack Damage ▲ ※

※ On Mechon only

Arts Level AP Cost Auto-attack
Damage Up Amount
Effect Duration
1 - 50 50.0
2 380 100 60.0
3 760 150 70.0
4 1520 200 80.0
5 3040 250 90.0
6 4560 300 100.0
7 6840 350 110.0
8 9880 400 120.0
9 13,680 450 130.0
10 18,240 500 140.0

Miscellaneous Info

  • Additional damage does not generate aggro.
  • Shulk's AI will use this art when fighting Mechon.


  • The symbol that appears on the Monado when Monado Enchant is activated is the kanji "機", which literally means "machine".

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