Monoceroses (Japanese: ウニコル, Unicoru) are quadrupedal creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like unicorns with tapir-like snouts.


"Herbivorous creatures that largely prefer grass and tree bark. Males usually band with other males, while females stay with the foals. The males are highly territorial, and often engage in border clashes with encroaching groups. The female herds, however, dissolve once their year-long parental duties have concluded. When a new breeding season arrives, the females will once again band together, forming a harem exclusive to the male group with the most territory."

"The skin fold beneath a monoceros's throat can be contracted to produce a complex cry with individual variation. This sound is so unique, mothers can locate their offspring even when surrounded by hundreds of their kind."


Much like the unicorn they are named after, monoceroses are horse-like creatures with a single horn. The blade-like horn ends in a knife-shaped portion angled upwards, and the base has an additional blade. Their trunks are shaped like a tapir's, and a skin fold is underneath it on their neck. Their backs have hollow wing-shaped projections, although these cannot be used to fly. Their hooves are crescent-shaped, and they stand like high heels without the heel.

Color Variants

Monoceroses fall into three color variants:

The territorial red and black variants have been known to attack on-foot BLADE members.

Types of Monoceroses

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



Monoceros may refer to the Latin and obsolete English word Monoceros meaning unicorn.

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