Mortifoles (Japanese: フォリウム, Foriumu) are flying flower-like insectoids enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are notorious for their usage of mimicry to camouflage themselves as flowers, catching many unwary BLADE agents by surprise. Some however may be found hovering in the air rather than lying in ambush. A similar species of insectoids are Sacrifoles.


"Devious insects that camouflage themselves as large flowers, waiting patiently for unwary prey to approach. The instant a victim comes in contact, a powerful acid spray is unleashed."

"Mortifoles have been known to band together at times, creating the illusion of a gorgeous field of flowers. Interestingly, they lay their eggs on the very plants they attempt to mimic. The hatchlings are caterpillar-like in form and will sometimes cling to adults in an effort to enhance their camouflage."


Many mortifoles are often hidden underground, disguised as flowers. However, there are differences between disguised mortifoles and true flowers. For example, mortifoles tend to be perfectly upright, even on slopes, unlike flowers which follow the gradient. The "petals" of disguised Mortifoles also tend to sway ever so slightly.

Color Variants

Mortifoles fall into four color variants: Yellow, White, Green, and Red.

Types of Mortifoles

Minor Enemies



  • The Japanese name may come from the Latin folium, meaning leaf or petal.


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