Muimui is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles X. He can be found next to his brother Moimoi south of the BLADE Tower in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles. He is a member of the Curators Division.


In Bread and a Circus at West Ibra Ravine in Oblivia, Muimui who is highly famished, begs Cross for food. He did not accept the bread that his brother Moimoi saved for him and instead asks them to gather some food. After his consumption of the gathered food, he informs them that he discovered a "legendary item" known as the Earwax-Remover of Legendaryness. Despite his failure of his search for the legendary sword, he claimed that the Legen-dar picked up a new response in Sylvalum. After returning to his brother in New Los Angeles, he deceives Moimoi saying that the bread filled him up. Muimui promises his brother that he will find the Sword of Legendaryness.

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