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Satie Affinity
Take supplies to the BLADEs who were attacked by dangerous indigens while on duty.
Type Client Client's Location Time
Normal Mission Satie Administrative District (East Gate) Anytime
Prerequisites: Chapter 2 completed
  1. "Talk to Myles on the West Janpath Plain."
  2. "Defeat the whimsical duoguill on the West Janpath Plain."
  3. "Talk to Myles on the West Janpath Plain."
Results: "You successfully delivered the supplies. Myles gave you some brief words of encouragement before departing."

Myles to Go is a Normal Mission in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It can be received from Satie near the East Gate in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles. She gives the Repair Kit upon acceptance of the mission.


  • It is possible to skip the second objective by defeating the Whimsical Duoguill before being told to, thus shortening the mission without any consequences.

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