Central Bionis Affinity
"High purity Water Ether Crystals are needed to save a girl. There should be some near the large waterfall. Find some Water Ether Crystals in Makna Forest."
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Story Quest None Makna Forest (Contaminated Area) Automatic
Prerequisites: Makna Forest area reached
  1. "Collect some Water Ether Crystals."
    • Hint: They can be found by the Lakeside.
Rewards: None
Results: "You found some Water Ether Crystals. These should be able to help save the girl now."

Mystery Girl Rescue is a Story Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is received after finding a passed-out girl in the Contaminated Area of Makna Forest. When Shulk goes down to the Lakeside to find the Water Ether Crystals, a story event appears, Shulk is ambushed by a Telethia, and Alvis comes to save him and teach him another Monado art, Monado Purge.

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