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Mystical Klesida Wiki-wordmark
Jelly Selua          
Area(s) Bionis' Interior (Third Lung)  
Type Selua Level(s) 72  
Respawn Yes Movement Type Air  
Detection Type Ether Kindred Yes  
View Angle 360° View Distance 12 M  
EXP 12,593 AP 554  
Spawn Time Any  

The Mystical Klesida (Japanese: 宝仙のクレーシタ, Hōsen no Kurēshita) is a Unique Monster in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a member of the Selua family, and can be found at level 72 in the Third Lung in Bionis' Interior, near the Vivid Anstan. It is an Ether monster and has high resistance to physical attacks.


HP Strength Ether Agility Double Attack Rate Critical Hit Rate Physical Defence % Ether Defence % Defence Direction
177,300 1,710 1,299 143 0 % 0 % 50 % 25 % All


Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Purging Antibody VITalent (Ether)1.8 – 2.01Frontal ArcPierce
Life AbsorbStatus--SingleHP Steal (%)--
Antibody AssaultPhysical2.8 – 3.01SingleBind--
Antibody RepairEther21.8 – 22.0-SelfRecovery--


Spike Type Range Damage/Debuff
Counter 8 M Physical Defence Down 25%


Break Lock-On Physical Defence ▼ Agility ▼
Topple Bind Ether Defence ▼ Aura Seal
Daze Paralysis Attack Power ▼ Arts Seal ×
Sleep Slow Ether Power ▼ Death ×

△ = 70% resistance
▲ = 100% resistance unless certain conditions are met
◇ = 70% resistance, but no resistance during chain attack
◆ = 100% resistance, but no resistance during chain attack
○ = no resistance
× = immune



Wood Silver Gold
0% 0% 100%


Materials Quality Selua Cell 81%
Tempus Glyph|Tempus Glyph 19%


Note: This enemy does not drop Weapons or Armour in silver chests.

Rare Selua Crystal (V) Aerial Cloak V / Confuse Resist V 50%
Spike Defence V / Strength Up V 50%


Note: This enemy does not drop non-unique weapons in gold chests.

Unique Weapons Agape 18.1%
Banquet Biter 15.2%
Alcor Staff 10.2%
Unique Armours Asura Arms 13%
Asura Helm 12.4%
Eclipse Gauntlets 10.8%
Eclipse Boots 7.3%
Advanced Art Books Blinding Blossom 5.9%
Mag Storm 4%
Back Slash|Back Slash 2.1%
Electric Gutbuster 1%

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